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Hair Treatment Harga/Rupiah
Reg. Wash And Blow 45k
Wash And Blow (L'oreal Spa) 60k
+ Pary Up Do 50k
Reg. Creambath 70k
Fruits Creambath 80k
Special Treatments Creambath 100k
L'oreal Spa Treatments 120k
Baby Lis (Blow Only) 35k
+ Body Scrub (Only Apply For Regular and fruits creambath) 20k

Hair Cut Harga/Rupiah
Ladies 200k
Ladies Bang 50k
Tidy Up 100k

Hair Extension Harga/Rupiah
Hair Extensions 250k
Bongkar Hair Extensions 75k
Bongkar Pasang Hair Extensions 350k

Colour Harga/Rupiah
Colour Long Hair 500k
Colour Short Hair 300k
Hightlight Long Hair 350k
Highlight Short Hair 250k
Ombre 750k
Men 100k

Smoothing Harga/Rupiah
Long hair 350k
Short Hair 250k
Smoothing Bang 100k

Nail Bar Harga/Rupiah
Reg. Manicure 50k
Reg. Pedicure 80k
Reg. Mani Pedi 100k
Manicure Inglot 75k
Pedicure Inglot 85k
Mani Pedi Inglot 150k
French Manicure Inglot 150k
Manicure Gel 100k
Pedicure Gel 250k

Nail Art Harga/Rupiah
Marble 8k/each
Line 8k/each
Gambar 10k/each
Aksesories 5k-25k/each
Hologram 30k/each
Chrome 10k/each
French Gel 150k/full set

Nail Extension Harga/Rupiah
Manicure/Nail 30k
Nail Clips + Warna Polos 400k
Pure Gel Ext + Warna Polos 500k
Gel French + Extensions Nail Clips 450k
Pure Gel ext. + Gel French 550k

Soak OffGel Harga/Rupiah
Dari WP 5k/each
Dari Luar 10k/each 10k/each
Dari WP Pasang Gel Lagi Free

BB Glow Harga/Rupiah
1x Treatment 600k
Package (5x Treatments) 2.500k